Video Gaming at Bourns College of Engineering

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CS 134
Winter, 2008
Prof. Victor Zordan

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2008 UCR Teaching Innovation Award Winner

The UCR Academy of Distinguished Teaching has selected Dr. Victor Zordan for this year's Innovative Teaching Award. Assistant Professor Victor Zordan, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, is being honored for the design and implementation of his innovative Engineering course, CS 134, Video Game Development and Design. In this course the students are divided into teams and actually design and construct their own video game. Moreover, the course is coordinated with graduate courses offered in Music and English that focus on digital media. The Music Graduate students, whose course was in Digital Music Composition, worked with the engineering students to produce sound effects and the muscial score for the games developed by the teams, while the English graduate students, whose course was in Critical Theory, provided feedback and assisted with conceptualization. The result was a unique interdisciplinary experience for all participants and invaluable hands-on training in one of the hottest areas in computer science and engineering.