Research Projects - Interactive Animation of Cities Over Time
Paul DiLorenzo, Victor B. Zordan, Duong Tran

Cities are a dynamic embodiement of the needs and wants of the population it holds. And it is a difficult problem to recreate these needs and wants in an easy and efficient way. Previous efforts to recreate the look and feel of a city were done by creating a static model of a city. We take it a step further, and instead of just recreating a static model of a city, we develop a system that will animate a city over time. This allows for the growth, and decay, of a city based on factors that might affect the city. This animation of a city is useful in many different fields. For sociologist, they would like to play what-ifs with the system to see how different variables affect the outcome of the city. For movie makers, to be able to tell a more compelling story by having a continuous environment. And for computer game makers, to have an automatic, real-time method of developing a story using the environment based on what the user does. Details can be found in the paper here.

Paper (4.0 MB) CASA 2004 Powerpoint Presentation (3.2 MB)
Dallas-like city growing (0.8 MB) Possible recreation of LA basin growth (3.0 MB)