Research Projects - Secondary Motion
Victor B. Zordan

This research is in the area of deformable dynamic simulations for computer animation, specifically passive simulation. One example of my work in this area is seen in the deformable exercise mat shown. The active simulation of the vaulter feels forces related to the mat based on a simplified model of the floor mat. Once the motion of the vaulter landing on the simple mat is generated, this motion is used to animate the more sophisticated deformable mat seen here. Click on the picture of the feet for a movie of the vaulter and mat in action. Follow this link to see more on vaulting.

Another example of using flexible spring mass systems is in clothing simulation. Like the floor mat, clothing is driven by the underlying simulation of the characters who wear them. Here are two examples I created, a shirt and a skirt. Both of these simulations appear in the animated short shown at the Electronic Theater at SIGGRAPH 96 in New Orleans Atlanta in Motion

Finally, I am quite proud of the simulated basketball net I built in this effort as well. Check out the movie for a side by side comparison. This footage was presented at SIGGRAPH in 1997.

Click here for more details and animations